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These popped up on my radar last summer having spotted them getting a mention in the August/September 2014 issue of Make-up Artist Magazine – I love the look of them and can’t quite believe it’s taken me this long to include the range on my blog!

I admit that if you aren’t a Make-up Artist then it’s likely you won’t get why I am quite so excited about these brushes, so please feel free to gloss over this post if it isn’t for you – there are plenty of other great brush posts listed at the bottom of the page ;)

Special Effects (SFX) is an area of make-up which is definatly not clean; so many chemicals, plastics and the like are involved in creating the effects that you see on screen and thus far toxin-free products have not crossed the line into this murky world. With this in mind I hope you will see why I am so worked up over the mere existence of some vegan-friendly, bamboo brushes.

The Bdellium SFX Series is a collection of twelve bamboo (an ethical and sustainable resource) handled brushes with aluminium ferrules and synthetic bristles. One of their key features is that they have been formulated to withstand the aggressive nature of many solvents and brush cleaning solutions.

Created in collaboration with Award-winning Make-up Artist Thomas Surprenant who’s credits include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Donnie Darko, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and X-Men: The Last Stand – to but a name a few.

The brushes break down as follows (pictured left to right):

#110 Splatter – create blood spray or mud splatter or use to apply hair whiteness or colour to beards and moustaches.
#122 Bent Glue – The angled ferrule would make it great for getting FX adhesives such as mastix or pros-aide and the like into those hard to reach areas.
#134 Medium Dagger – a sharp angle brush ideal for creating hard lines or contouring.
#136 Filbert – this firm bristled domed brush is a complete multitask-er; apply and blend make-up or even smooth lines sculpted into wax or clay.
#128 Bent LinerSimilar to the capillary brush but angled. Alco doubles as a glue brush
#153 Capillary – the Capillary has a fine liner style head for creating capillaries (believe it or not) or tattoo work.
#156 Veining – a flat, domed brush which, as the name suggests, is great for drawing on veins or even applying lipstick or concealer.
#175 FX10 – the domed bristles have been strategically cut and are perfect for adding texture to make-ups.
#179 SFX Muscle – an angled brush with dual length bristles that create multiple lines in unison; design to create the illusion of straitions in muscles.
#184 Watercolor – this fluffy headed brush is designed for use with water or alcohol activated make-up. This style is also great for applying loose pigment and glitter!
#193 Small Stipping – the small stipple head is perfect for smaller, more detailed areas and also for pointillist work (painting in dots of colour).
#195 Large Stippling – a large textured stippling brush designed for applying texture to larger areas. Great for bald caps!

Now I am not a Special Effects Artist, however I can and do (production permitting) create out-of-kit effects or smaller prosthetic applicances. On the whole I try to write from a broadcast perspective (this is my main area of work and there are so many beauty-specific blogs out there) however many of the products I mention easily cross over into beauty, so it is great to have the opportunity to include another facet of my work – specifically SFX products!

I have yet to get my hands on the collection however it is definitely something I won’t be able to live without for long. I am already picturing how I could incorporate them into my everyday brush kit…

The collection is available to purchase in full From Cocktail Cosmetics for £79.95. Alternatively brushes can be purchased individually from £6.95.

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Image: Bdellium Tools
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