Learning Your A, BB, CC’s

One of the biggest product lines to emerge in recent years are BB creams, these have been joined in recent months by the mysterious CC cream. But what is this alphabet madness all about..?

Whilst putting together a post on a fabulous CC Cream it occurred to me that it was all very well explaining how great it was but if you didn’t have a clue what a CC cream was in the first place then the post was a bit lost. I’ve put that particular article on hold for the time being (I have rescheduled it for next month) and written this – hopefully it will clear up any confusion and help you to decide if they really are for you.

Beauty or Blemish Balms or BB Creams

BB creams started life in 1960s Germany, formulated by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek. Originally designed with soothing and healing properties to protect patients skin following laser surgery, BB creams were introduced to Japan and Korea 1985, where they became highly prized (amongst actresses especially) for their skin perfecting effects.

Essentially BB creams are a super-charged tinted moisturiser with a light to medium coverage. A universal product that leans more over into the make-up side of the fence, it primes, balances skin tone and lifts the skin (often with light reflecting particles), with the added benefits of an SPF and hydrating and healing properties.

Far removed from their German origins, the BB creams that we know today don’t always contain the same nurturing, healing ingredients that they once did – something they have been criticised for more recently. The formulation has evolved and transformed, often into a thinner product with less coverage.

There are still comparatively very few BB and only one CC cream formulated from natural ingredients but the list is ever growing.

Why not try…

Colour Control or CC Creams

The next generation of creams, CC creams are thinner and lighter than Beauty Balms and are more akin to the skincare side of things. Invented in Korea, CC’s contain all the same moisturising, light reflecting and sun protecting properties of a BB, but with the addition of ingredients that can smooth and firm the skin, lessening the signs of fine lines and helping to improve elasticity and the skins texture.

Why not try… (as there is only one)

Take Note…

Both BB and CC creams can be used alone or under a foundation. They are both limited when it comes to shades however with generally only one or two options per brand, so they may not be suitable for some skin tones. There are however BB’s to suit most skin types; from dry to oily.
Take extra care in the sun. The effectiveness of the SPF properties in BB and CC creams is a little debatable. Most of the creams only offer protection for UVA or UVB rays, however our skins need protection from both so check the labelling carefully. (This issue is not exclusive to BB/CC but to tinted moisturisers and some other Skincare products too)
As with foundations it is always better to try before you buy to avoid unwanted expense. Some of the online stores sell or supply sample sachets and pots of the BB and CC creams so its worth checking to see if samples of your chosen product are available.
And another thing…

The craze for alphabet products shows little sign of abating with the much anticipated arrival of the DD or Daily Defence cream (I kid you not) just around the corner…
Images courtesy of: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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