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On the whole I am not a fan of mascara wands. I don’t truly dislike them (although I do have a particular hatred for the new style rubber numbers that are spiky and eye pokey), but I prefer not to use them. Instead of the traditional style wand I prefer to use a mini fan brush which separates, de-clumps and defines as you go; which is perfect unless you want a gloopy lash look (at the risk of sounding too grumpy – I don’t like those either!)…

Last month I attended the Pro-Only Afternoon at IMATS London (International Make-up Artist Trade Show). I didn’t end up writing a post about the trip as there is very little in the way of natural beauty, but I did mention it a few times on my other twitter account @eyeslikepandas (the account I use for general make-up and life bits and pieces). I’ll cut to the chase…

I was on the hunt for a replacement for my well loved (and very well used) MAC 205 Mini Fan Brush – at this point I hear you utter the words “just buy another”. I can’t. I won’t. Long established readers of my blog will remember my post way back in 2012, Why I am considering cancelling my Mac Pro Membership. Therein lies the answer and to this day I have not re-newed. In fact I have only twice since stepped into a store; to return empty packaging as part of their Back To MAC program (I sold the lipsticks I received in return to Make-up Artist friends, thus funding some clean purchases). I’m digressing again…

I was on the hunt for a replacement for my well loved (and very well used) MAC 205 Mini Fan Brush and after a scout around the show I came across a few option that meant I could have a possibly more ethical but certainly cruelty-free alternative.

(From L-R)
MAC 205, Bdellium Tools Studio 731, Crown Brushes BK34 

My first purchase was Studio 731 Mascara Fan Brush from Bdellium Tools (I owned one of these brushes a few years ago however it absconded at some point). I have mentioned Bdellium a few times previously and am a fan on their Bambu collection. Studio 731 is a slightly smaller variation on the MAC 205 and with more densely packed and tighter angled bristles. 

My second was a BK34 Lash Fan from Crown Brushes; a completely synthetic brush manufactured in Chicargo. Crown are a big name in the make-up brush world, however I have never actually purchased a brush from them! The BK34 is slightly larger and more fanned than it’s MAC counterpart but as with Studio 731, it has many more bristles.

I have used both brushes a number of times over the past few weeks, both on myself and on other people and have been pleased with the results; both give beautifully defined lashes. Personally I think I prefer the Studio 731 as the bristles feel a little firmer and I like the control you have over the lash, however the BK34 is such good value that in all honesty I think it is worth pick one up even if you aren’t inclined towards the fan brush application method – just use it as a lash separator!

Bdellium Tools Studio 731 Mascara Fan brush is priced at £6.50 and available from Love Make-up and Cocktail Cosmetics.

Crown Brushes BK34 Lash fan is available online from Crown Brushes and is priced at just £2.39

Body Image: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist

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