Kitted out

Kitted Out (Kit.ted out)
1. (tr, adverb) Chiefly Brit to provide with (a kit of personal effects and necessities)
2. (Clothing & Fashion) to provide with (an outfit of clothes)

A few months ago I wrote about the EMJ Company Pencil Roll (a very handy piece of kit I can assure you) and wanted to share another more recent purchase from this beautiful collection…

The EMJ Company Kit Bag in Revel

I have had my eye on this bag ever since I purchased the afore mentioned pencil roll way back in May. A couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and purchased one in order to put an end to the random (and frustrating) assortment of reusable thin fabric bags that I end up using to carry all the bits and pieces that don’t fit into my main kit.

A decision that took me about a week to make, my basic problem was deciding which of the beautiful designs to go for. Available in eight colour-ways, I was torn between two bags but finally opted for Revel; a beautiful soft grey green with white polka dots. Other designs in the range include Leopard and Python (the clues are in the names), Zebra (my brush roll is in this design) and Harry – a white and black version of Revel and my other choice.

The bag is handmade in the UK from faux leather and oilcloth, making it hard wearing and easy to clean. Rectangular in shape with long handles and multiple external pockets of varying sizes, there are two zip-able flaps cover the majority of the top of the bag and although this does not make it completely watertight or secure, it is fine for most (non wet weather) purposes.

Measuring in at 12 x 9 x 7inches, the capacity of this bag is amazing! At present mine currently houses the following on a regular basis: a large brush wrap and about 100 brushes, ipad, iPhone and charging paraphernalia, the EMJ Tool Roll (containing lash curlers, tweezers etc), keys and purse, bottle of water, towel and the innumerable other things that I end up carting about. All of this fits with ease and there is still room for more – if my shoulders can stand it!

I am a big believer in being prepared to spend money on quality equipment that will last a lifetime (or at least a long while), however despite its handmade credentials and hard wearing fabric, the bag was very good value at just £50.00 – directly from The EMJ Company.

The EMJ Company is the creation of award-winning British Make-up Artist Emily-Jane Williams. Handmade in the UK, the collection of luxury accessories and kit essentials have been created for Make-up Artists and Hairstylists in a fantastic array of fun, quirky but ultimately stylish fabrics.

Ingredients: (?)
Faux leather, Oilcloth, Zip

Body Image: The EmJ Company
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