Go Organic This September

Organic September is the Soil Associations month long celebration of all things organic and this years theme ‘Organic. Naturally Different’ is the opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of all things organic.

The ‘Organic, Naturally Different’ message is actually aimed at encouraging consumers to swap their usual supermarket foods for organic alternatives, so when restocking your shopping basket, why not try changing some of your beauty products too?
For more information on what you can do to support Organic September, go to www.soilassociation.org

The Soil Association is a UK charity founded in 1946. With over 27,000 members, its activities include campaign work on issues including opposition to intensive farming, support for local purchasing and public education on nutrition; as well the certification of organic food. In 1967 the Soil Association developed the world’s first organic certification system and today it certifies over 80% of organic produce in the UK.


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