From The Vault: Real Techniques Shading Brush

Make-up brushes are a very personal thing; weight, brush density and length are all factors which can influence whether you are on to a winner or not. When I find a make-up brush I like I tend to buy a few of them (it’s my job after all I so have that excuse) – I just wish I would learn to do that with jeans…

When I first purchased the Real Techniques Shading Brush (£6.99)  it was on a total whim; browsing the aisles of a supermarket during a break on a wet day at work (there was very little else to do I recall). Frustratingly I remember not being able to feel it and hold it before I purchased it as it was boxed , so it was a definite gamble (EBay comes in very handy for passing on brushes I’ve bought but decided I don’t like).

This little brush is very un-assuming to look at but it really does the job. Designed as a complete multi-tasker, the Real Techniques website is all about using it as an eye brush to blend and apply shadow, however I have never actually used it for that purpose (although I am sure it’s really good).

For me it’s all about concealing and personally I think it does this beautifully. The soft taklon bristles are hand cut for precision application and blend cream concealers evenly, even in those tricky to reach under-lash areas. I always have at least a couple of brushes to hand for each part of a make-up and although I generally apply concealer with a flat brush (usually as LY19 0r 08), I do like to blend with a fluffier brush. I should note that I use this generally on men, for women I prefer to use an even fluffier brush.

I now have a few Real Techniques Shading Brushes in my kit and do admit to adding to the numbers every time they are on offer in store. Their slimline, lightweight form make them an excellent addition to any make-up bag (pro or otherwise) unlike the larger Real Techniques brushes whose handles I take issue with due to their wider base – very handy for standing up I’m sure but not good for putting in brush rolls…

All in all, I really can’t fault them when it comes to simple, basic brushes. They are at an excellent price point, are cruelty free and as a range they have something for everyone and everything (assuming you get on with them ;).

 *       *       *

I’ve tried a few of the RT brushes over the years but admit that personally I find them to be very much a hit or miss (I hated the Bold Metals collection – these went very quickly onto eBay!). The Shading Brush however is one which is still very much part of my kit (I have four in my male grooming bag alone..).

I’ve tried to purchase this brush again recently however it now only seems to be widely available as part of the Eye Shade & Blend Set (£10.99) but there are a few places which still sell it as a stand-alone brush if you trawl the internet.

Have you tried the Real Techniques range? Which are your favourites?




(1, 2) LJS – OMUA

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