From The Vault: Cheeky Cosmetics Eye Primer

Whilst rummaging through my vaults of make-up posts past, from time to time I come across a product I had completely forgotten about; and this is one of those times…

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I often find that using foundation as a base for eye make-up can make the lid look and feel a little heavy and so, on occasion, I like to use an Eyeshadow or Eye Primer before applying eye make-up, especially if applying mineral powders and shadows. Eye primers act as a base for eyeshadow, helping to prevent creasing and movement and can also boost the colour payoff, however organic eye primers are pretty few and far between.

Cheeky Cosmetics Eye Primer

The Cheeky Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer is a completely natural, water-based product with a high percentage of organic ingredients. Light on the skin it isn’t in the least bit sticky and, being made from organic rose water and calendula, it is soothing on the delicate skin around the eye, making it ideal for sensitive skins. The liquid is clear with a delicate rose scent which I really like, although I appreciate this may be off putting for some.

The thing I really love about this primer is the effect it has on loose mineral eyeshadows. The primer is highly concentrated and so the intensity of the pigment is amplified and the colours look so vibrant, if you want a less intense look then simply dilute it with water.

The primer comes in a tube with a lip gloss style applicator and can be applied directly with either this or your finger. Simply add a small amount on the lid and allow to dry before applying shadow. Alternatively the primer can be mixed with loose shadows to create a paste in a pot, palette or on the back of your hand.

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I am not a user of eye primers on a regular basis – that said I do have three (one cream and two fluid) on the go at the moment as I am trialling and comparing them; more on that another time. They do get a run out when I am looking for high impact results (such as intensifying pigments), extending shadow wear or a client has particularly oily eyelids but generally I stick to coating the lids with a nude shadow if I feel I really need a base coat.

When I read the original post I had one of those oh my goodness moments… A product that I had long forgotten but at the time really loved, surfaced from a dark corner of my mind. I don’t currently have any plans to re-purchase it however I certainly would if I needed too. If you are in the US or Canada then it is probably worth considering when you are next in the market for one.

Priced at $14.00 and available online from Cheeky Cosmetics 

Canadian company Cheeky Cosmetics is the brainchild of one woman – Chantal. All of the products are cruelty free and suitable for vegans and are created using only natural and certified organic ingredients.

(*denotes of organic origin **broad spectrum preservative approved by ECOCERT)
Aqua, Glycerin, Rosa Damascena*, Calendula Officinalis*, Gluconolactone**, Sodium Benzoate**

N.B: Remember, being a natural product the primer only has a shelf life of about 3-6 months
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