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With some amazing line-ups and mind-blowing headliners (umm hello, The Who are at Glastonbury!), this year looks like a good one to be hitting the festivals. If April’s Coachella festival is anything to go by then 2015 is the year of Boho and I reckon this will be a trend that pops up repeatedly at festivals over the coming months. 

Relaxed/barely there make-up with glowing skin combined with braids and body art aplenty seem to be the order of the summer. Festivals are a great place to try out looks or trends that you maybe wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a little nearer to home, so why not get into the spirit and try adding some of these (hopefully more ethically produced) products to your festival make-up bag…
JTMake-up Metallic Flakes 
You may recall I gave these metallic flakes a lot of love last year. These Metallic flakes are utterly fabulous and a darn sight easier to use than traditional metallic sheets. For those who haven’t come accross her, Julia Townend is a BodyPainter and Make-up Artist with a career spanning over twenty years and her glitter and metallic leaf pots (all of which are hand mixed and packaged in the UK by Julia herself) are available from Love Make-up and Screenface.

Add interest to your eye make-up by incorporating a few tiny pieces to the inner or outer corners or go all out and cover the whole eye area! Gold leaf also looks great applied to your hair and scalp; simply make a strong parting with a tail comb and use hairspray to set it in place.
Temporary Tattoos 
Temporary Tattoos are making a come back. Being a bit of a tatt-lover I was a massive fan in my teens and early twenties and so pleased they have made a resurgence. Things however have moved on since the 1990’s and so have temporary tattoos; the quality is much better, as is the artwork along with the introduction of metallic designs. Metallic tatts have been big news since last year and with the likes of Millie Macintosh and Khloe Kardashian wearing them, that doesn’t look set to change.

If you are looking for something a little different (and more ethical) to your high street tattoo findings then check out the beautifully simple designs by Wee Gallery. I came across them in our local toy shop but they are also available in the UK from Artful Kids. A full list of international stockist can be found on the website.

Wee Gallery transfers are produced using non-toxic soy based inks and are available in metallic and inked designs. Simply apply to clean dry skin and then cover with a damp (verging on wet) flannel or cloth and voila! 30 seconds later you have your very own tatt!
Paperself Lashes
I love these intricately cut, biodegradable and recycle-able paper false lashes from Paperself. There are a fabulous array of full and half strip lash designs in the collection and surely something for everyone. Available online from (at bargain prices) Love Make-up or via the Paperself store.

If you are worried about looking a little to much like Effie Trinket’s twin sister (Hunger Games) then try chopping them down and applying just a small segment of the strip to the outer corners or for that doe-eyed, romantic look, try the centre of your lash line.

Glitter is a sure fire way to make you stand out in the crowd. Sprinkle them in your hair, incorporate into your make-up or even roll in it! You can’t go wrong if you take a pot of glitter to a festival – unless you don’t up the lid on properly…

My favourite glitters are from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and JTMake-up. Both have a fabulous range of colours and the latter also offers a range of sequins and glitter discs.

If you are looking for more festival inspiration then check out my other festival guides; festival essentials and festival skincare and make-up 

Have fun!!

Main Image: Via Flickr
Body Images: Laura jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist, Wee Gallery, via Flickr


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