Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

Over the past couple of weeks summer has been fighting back here in the UK and although its been fantastic to see a bit of sun, these heady temperatures aren’t too good for make-up. To help combat the melting, I thought I’d put together some tips for heat-proofing your make-up.

Use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser with added SPF for your base rather than a foundation as this will give you much lighter coverage and will help keep your skin hydrated. I am currently using alva Sensitive BB Cream and love it! If you really want to go to town then use a darker tinted moisturiser under the cheek and jawbones for extra sculpted definition.
If you don’t have an SPF tinted moisturiser then apply a light sunscreen and then mix a little of your liquid foundation with your moisturiser. If you need to use a liquid base then try applying a primer underneath it to make it last.
If you require a little more coverage then use a loose mineral powder foundation. My favourites are from Lily Lolo and Honeypie Minerals and both contain naturally occurring UV protection.
If you are prone to being a little shiny, don’t keep caking on the power, simply blot your skin with blotting pads and this will absorb the excess oil. Jane Iredale and Muji do great blotting papers.
Powder shadows are better in the heat as they last longer but if you are around water then cream is most definitely the way to go. I love the RMS Beauty Cream Shadows, they are super hydrating and come in a lovely range of colours.
Using a gel liner rather than a liquid will make your eyes more water-friendly, I haven’t used this one from 100% Pure as yet but it look amazing and come in four shades!
Waterproof mascara is the best option for the summer months but sadly organic formulations are non-existent. Try using a natural one instead, like the new BWC Waterproof Mascara.

As with eyeshadows a cream blush will definitely be with you for longer if you are by the pool and my pick would have to be the Cream Blush from Kjaer Weis.

Lip stains have the edge over glosses and lipsticks when it comes to longevity. Aura Multi-Use Blush Stain from Vapour Beauty is the ultimate summer product and can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes. Obsessive Compolsive Cosmetics Lip Tar are another option and have great staying power and come in over forty shades!

Keeping Cool
Hydration sprays are a good way to help you stay feeling fresh in the summer. I love D20 from Jane Iredale, it not only cools you down and hydrates your skin but is also great for setting mineral make-up.
Do you have any summer favourites?

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