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With it being Fairtrade Fortnight, I decided to look a little closer at one of my favourite organic (and fairly traded) make-up brands, Elysambre. The company have a unique approach to the way in which they package their products and the overall wider impact that their make-up packaging has on the planet and it’s inhabitants.

Elysambre Packaging

Refill Packaging

Like many people I can be taken in by a beautifully presented product and one of the most wonderful things about the Elysambre cosmetics is the packaging. Not only does it look beautiful but (and best of all) all of the products in the range are designed to be refillable – everything. Even down to the mascara.

As with some of the larger pro make-up ranges, Elysambre operate a refill system; all of the products in the range arrive as simply packaged refills, it is then up to you to decant into the reusable bottles, cases and jars. However, where they differ from the big brands is that Elysambre are committed to cutting down waste and each empty refill, from the cardboard carton the products arrive in to the aluminium foundation tubes, is recyclable.



In all cases you can simply use the refills as they are,  however I do think that it is worth splashing out initially and buying at least a couple of the metal cases, especially for the lipsticks – the lipstick bullet case has a very satisfying click on closing, something that is lacking in so many of the plastic alternatives! With prices ranging from around £4.50 to £6.00 for the cases and I do think they are worth the small investment.


The brushed metal cases are made of fairly traded copper alloy; a metal alloy (a mixture composed of two or more elements) that contains copper as its principle component, making them solid and durable yet elegant, whilst being able to withstand the battering that make-up cases in our kits receive. Each case is engraved with a simple yet contemporary white floral design and the company logo and presented in a small brown velvet effect pouch. 
There are three options on the Elysambre foundation front; cream, liquid and compact. The liquid and cream refills are packaged in an aluminium tube and are easily decanted into the glass and copper refillable containers, whilst the compact foundation is very similar to the blushers and shadows in its refill state – a rectangular metal pan in a simple card slip holder.
For the blushers, compact foundation, concealers and the fantastic array of eyeshadows, there is the make-up cases. Available in two sizes; large and small, they are designed to be flexible, giving you the option to combine products or colours you wish. All the compact refills are supplied in a pan and are simply slotted into the magnetic base enabling you to chop and change the contents to suit your make-up needs for each night out! 

Elysambre have thought of everything with their system and, as with all of the products, simple assembly instructions are inside the flap of the box so there is no need to panic when it comes to refilling.

All of the products are available online and most of these companies sell both the refills and the cases, so, with more and more of us recycling, looking for ways to cut down on our waste and support producers in the developing world, why not switch to a refillable, ecological and economical make-up system too? As Elysambre’s own mantra goes, “Lets consume in a responsible way”

Elysambre are sadly no longer in existence 
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  • I totally concur!! I really love their collection and how you can refill the case, just makes sense to me! Looking to buy the large one soon :) xReplyCancel

  • I've just bought some of elysambre eye Shadows and concealers from eBay, but i can't find the magnetic refill cases anywhere on line, can someone please let me knowwhere I can buy them? Thank you xReplyCancel

  • To be honest I haven't seen the refill cases around for a while. Sadly I think now that the company has ceased trading (certainly in the UK – I can't be certain about the US), it will be increasingly difficult. I suggest that you invest in a Z-Palette or UNI palette. These are both magnetic and should hold the products you have – I use both in my kit and have found them to be perfectly good (also lighter than the copper Elysambre ones!)
    Let me know hope you get on,
    L x

  • […] NatureCos initially created the now defunct Elysambre (you may remember I raved about them once or twice before) and are a company founded on three sustainable principles – Social, […]ReplyCancel

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