Face Lace By Phyllis Cohen

With Halloween just days away, thoughts of many are turning to parties, pumpkins and costumes. According to Google, this year one of the most popular searches for Halloween inspiration – thanks, I imagine in the most part to the forthcoming movie Suicide Squad (and the divine Margot Robbie), has been Harley Quinn (DC comic book character and Batman adversary)

I’ve been wanting to share this particular product with you for a while however the time never seems right – until now at least. So, If comic book ain’t quite your thing and you aren’t too confident in being creative with your make-up application, this is a great way to create a look that is both eye catching and artistic.

Face Lace is a completely synthetic product. Not the first thing I usually write about admittedly but given it’s completely reusable nature and UK based hand crafted-ness, I am putting it out there.

Intricately cut filigree vinyl pieces are machine cut and backed with hypoallergenic medical adhesive before being finished by hand. The majority of the pieces are plain black, however some of the larger pieces also come in satin gold and/or white and there are also a selection of coloured pieces (the Festival collection). A number of the designs are finished with either coloured panels or bejewelled with faux crystals.

Applied to the face with (preferably) minimal make-up (the more product you apply underneath the lace, the less easily it will stick), the pieces are completely reusable if you applied and removed carefully.

There are currently over forty designs in the collection, from the full faced Bastet Mask to the High Gloss Brows. There are also a selection of Playsheets which contain around fifty shapes so you can create your own bespoke designs.

Face Lace isn’t only for this time of year, there is a design for every event, however my picks for halloween would be the full face Skullaced Mask (also available in a large size for men), the Va Va Tomb eye lace and the Gothamour eye lace. If you are celebrating Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on the 1st and 2nd of November then there is something for you too in the form of intricate Sugar Skull designs.

I have used Face Lace on a number of occasions and love them. The designs are a great way to add interest and creativity to your make-ups. Have you tried them yet?

Face Lace is available online from the Face Lace website and the pieces vary in price from £3.95 to £39.95

Produced and hand finished in the UK, Face Lace is the brainchild of the legendary Phyllis Cohen; a Make-up Artist who has worked with the likes of David Bowie and Annie Lennox and her editorial work has spanned everything from Vogue to Dazed and Confused.

Image: Courtesy of Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen
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