Behind The Brand: NVEY ECO

Since its conception in 2005, Australian brand NVEY ECO has been at the forefront of Organic Make-up, winning numerous beauty awards and applauded by beauty editors around the world.
The first certified organic make-up brand to sucessfully make it across the water from Australasia (I believe), NVEY ECO coined the phrase ‘green is the new black’. The desire to take organic make-up to the next level colminated in the production of a range of high performance products with low environmental impact.

The creation of such a brand was down to the insight and innovation of CEO Rohan Widdison;

“What interested me in creating NVEY ECO was the challenge to develop and bring to the world a true certified organic makeup brand that could bring to life artistry values and styles that I had longed for during my decades in the beauty industry, combined with organic formulas that would nurture and care for my client’s skin.”

NVEY ECO have a full compliment of make-up products in their range, from the luscious lip glosses, the fab foundations, to the absolutely brilliant Nourishing Bronzer. Much of the collection is lovely; the liquid foundation is easy to use and the cream base gives even coverage. As with all make-up brands it is not without its flaws and there are definitely a couple of products I feel need further development. For me sadly the cake eyeliner is one such product. I love cake liners on the whole but this one lacks pigment and intensity on application – regardless of the amount if water used.

In addition to the make-up range and new for 2013 are six comprehensive five-step skincare collections – Intensif (for mature skins), Delicat (sensitive), Riche (dry), Purete (oily), Forte (all skin types) and Blanc (whitening). The NVEY skincare products are currently only available in Australia, but with any luck they will be hitting these shores very soon.

All NVEY ECO products are NATRUE and NSF organic certified, created using organic ingredients and free from Parabens, petrochemicals, talc, synthetic fragrances and all the usual nasties. In addition to the regulations laid out by the certifying bodies, NVEY also abide by strict internal standards, sourcing raw materials carefully and ethically to ensure safety and performance. After all that I am sure from this you don’t need me to tell you, but they are of course cruelty free too.

Need make-up advice on the go? There’s an app for that!

The (free) iPhone app (appologies to android & other platform users) enables you to watch product application videos, gives you hints and tips and keeps you up to speed with the latest on the NVEY twitter feed and links to Facebook. There is also a shopping option, however I have as yet been unable to get that to work – possibly due to a being-not-in-Australia location issue? Readers down-under please do let me know if it works for you guys :)

Make-up and technology aside, I do feel I do feel that it is worth noting that one negative about the brand overall for me is, in my experience, their poor UK customer service. A bit of a bug-bare of mine I admit, I have contacted them numerous times and have had no response. Come on NVEY – please pull your UK customer care socks up!

NVEY ECO make-up is available in the UK from (amongst others) Naturisimo, CutECOsmetics and Content

Images courtesy of: NVEY ECO
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