Backstage: Energy

I am writing this post from my little (or should I say weeny) make-up room at a film studio in beautiful rural Berkshire.

It’s been a busy week prepping and now filming for a big energy company (who shall at present remain unnamed) and I decided to have a little change to today’s scheduled post and share with you a few behind the scenes shots of my little make-up room; what I am up to in there and on set (albeit without any actual make-up shots).

All set up in my weeny make-up room

I used the narrow work surface for the essentials such as cotton buds and powders and the corner shelves for a little of my hair kit.

Beneath the surface was a little table which housed my Zuca pouches and brush roll.

With surface space pretty limited, I made the most of the wall and door hooks by hanging my set bag and EmJ Company Pencil and Tool Wraps
Although I am not able to show you any of the actual finished faces (simple straight male and female tv make-up’s), I can tell you a few of the products that I used during the two day shoot.

I used a mixture of bases (depending on who was in the chair) including Vapour Beauty Luminous and W3ll People Narcissist sticks and Nvey Eco liquid foundation. For the eyes I primarily used my beloved Couleur Caramel eyeshadows and one of two or three mascaras. The ladies cheeks were given a little colour with UNE Beauty Breezy Cheeks Blush and for the guys I used my favourite bronzed from Nvey Eco. Lips were either moisturised with a little Suvana Paw Paw and Honey Balm or given a little colour using either Ilia lipstick or a W3ll People Nudist stick. Jane Iredale Beyond Matte HD Powder and Blotting Sheets was used for on set checks.

It has been great using some products that have been a little lost in my kit in recent months, giving me plenty of food for thought for posts over the next few weeks…

This little fella makes the perfect Sound Assistant with his headphones and mini boom pole
To see more of what I get up to on shoots then check out my twitter feed @OrganicMUA or Facebook page – Organic Make-up Artist
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