An Evening With May Lindstrom

My name is Laura and I am a May Lindstrom virgin…

So, on Saturday evening I rode the Jubilee line to Bond Street, made the short hop up Marylebone Lane to Content, with the sole purpose of finding out a little more about the brand.

Arriving slightly flustered and a little late having just got off a plane from Rome where she had been holidaying with her family, one of the first things which becomes clear on meeting May is that she is incredibly honest and frank in her opinions.

Anything I make has to be better than everything else on the market

May talked us through the entire range, giving us an insight into her own personal ritual – routine is too mundane a word. May’s ethos is that skincare should be indulgent:

Everyday should be a celebration of your natural beauty

Her own skin is beautifully clear and glowing but that said, it seems to take work. May suffers from extreme sensitivity and her skin reacts violently to all manner of ingredients and elements; even a trip to the shops to look at clothes will frequently result in her hands being blistered and weeping from contact with the dyes in fabrics.

May began formulating skincare products at a very early age; mixing and blending products to sooth and protect her reactive skin. Born out of a desire to create products that work for her, there is a very personal tale behind each of the seven that make up her collection, for instance; in her mind Blue Coccon is the most effective product she’s ever made and she wishes she had made it years before – It would be her pick if she had to use just one product forever more.

There may only be seven products, however don’t expect there to be anything added to the range any time soon. In her own words…

I don’t want to release anything unless it is better than everything else on the market
Each and every product is invented, blended and tested in her little studio in LA. Handmade in micro batches using only organic, biodynamic or wild crafted botanical and plant extracts, all of the ingredients are cruelty free, vegan and sustainable. The supply chin is closely monitored to ensure each ingredient is of the highest quality.

May approaches skincare and the love of ones self with a passion that is quite intoxicating and despite having not set out to do what she has done, she speaks from the heart and cares about the Wellbeing of her customers.

Behind the stylish black bottles and gold livery is pretty much a one women show. The workforce consists of just three people and every aspect of the brand is overseen or executed by May herself. She answers every single email which comes into her inbox and personally hand writes the little notes which get packaged up with every single order.

With prices starting at £46.00, the collection is not cheap but you can start to appreciate the price tag when you hear all of this. I will be putting the sample service to the test and trying out a few of the products in weeks to come…

Have you used any of the May Lindstrom collection? If so, what are your favourites!

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  • Love this! I hope to meet May in person someday soon (she's lovely via email)! I'm such a huge fan of her skincare line. My personal favorites are basically everything, but if I had to pick 3, they would be the Problem Solver Mask (my #1 face mask EVER), The Good Stuff Radiance Oil (it smells like sexy in a bottle and is perfect for summer) and the Blue Cocoon Balm (so pretty and super effective for reactive skin). I love these and have them on hand whenever I can afford it. Currently have Good Stuff and Problem Solver in my collection :)

    if you want to read reviews I've done on her products, check here:

  • I was so sad that I couldn't attend but it's been lovely reading through people's posts. May seems absolutely wonderful, hopefully she'll come back to the UK one day so I can meet her!ReplyCancel

  • She was lovely in person. The products look amazing and I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for the link I will check out your posts :)
    L xReplyCancel

  • It's a shame you couldn't make it. Next time you will have to move mountains ;)
    L xReplyCancel

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