Top Five: Tinted Lip Balms

Winter sure does play havoc on the lips and if you are a fan of lipstick then you will know there is almost nothing worse than the texture of chapped, flaky, crusty looking lips under your favourite shade.

With this in mind I have put together a list of my favourite tinted balms. Tinted balms will condition your lips, rehydrating and soothing any dry and sore patches whilst also giving you some colour – so you can carry off that stunning red this winter!

My top five tinted balms are…

Hurraw! Balm (£3.99) (V, O)

Hurraw! lip balm has been one of favourites for what seems like eons and it gets many a mention on here too. Sadly there is only one tinted shade in the extensive collection of twenty-one balms (there used to be two) which is the beautiful Black Cherry. A sheer dark red tint created by a deep alkanet infusion (alkenet tinctoria is a herb in the borage family, notability the roots are used as a red dye) and an all natural organic black cherry flavour – its a fabulous balm all round.

Inika Lip Tint (£16.50) (V, O)

Five beautiful natural shades (Cosmic,Candy, Rose, Mulberry and Dusk) make up the Lip Tint collection from Inika. The coconut based tints have an 88% organic  composition and go on as a sheer wash of colour which can be built up for added impact.

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm (£5.99)

According to BB, one swipe of their Tinted Lip Balm will give you a hint of colour and 8 hours of hydration! I’ve never actually put my lips up against the clock to see if that true however their lip balms are pretty lovely in my mind. Available in six beautifully flattering and natural shades with flower inspired namesakes such as Zinnia, Hibiscus and Red Dahlia.

Weleda Tinted Lip Balm (£6.95) (V)

Their launch early last year sent the blogosphere spinning. At last the company with one of the longest lineages in green beauty made their first foray into colour cosmetics! Weleda currently have three tinted lip balms in their collection (Rose, Nude and Berry Red); all natural looking shades with a rich sheen of a finish.

Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner (£24.99)

When is a Tinted lip balm not a Tinted lip balm? These tinted conditioners combine all the benefits of the nutritious Ilia Lip Balm with the fabulous array of ilia lip shades. With seventeen shades (four of which contain an SPF15) you can have great colour as well as perfect lips; they go on sheer but can be built up for stunning colour.


V – Vegan
O – Organic
GF – Gluten Free

Images: (1) Sergio Fabara Via Flickr; (2) Huraw!; (3) Burts Bees; (4) Inika Cosmetics; (5) Weleda; (6) Ilia Beauty

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