Top Five: Eco Mani Products

I don’t know about you but my nails do get a little less attention than they rightly should. I have an extensive nail kit which I use on shoots and each time it comes out, the state of my own nails are put to shame…

I’ve been working on a lot of commercials pretty much recently all of which have involved some close ups of hands and/or nails so my arsenal of nail products have come into play on a regular basis. More often than not I am required to tidy and shape but it goes without saying that all of the products I use are either natural or organic (when I do need to add a touch of colour I try where possible to use 5-free polishes).

Here are my Top Five eco mani products…

Pinks Boutique Hand Exfoliant  (£19.00) (V, O)

An Indonesian inspired Hand Exfoliant which is the ideal way to kick of a manicure. The combination of Dead Sea salt and organic jojoba oil are blended to remove flaky skin and dirt leaving them feeling smooth and supple; a real treat for your hands.

Fresh therapies Nail Polish Remover (£11.99 / £7.99) (V)

This is the sweetest smelling nail polish remover I’ve come across (slightly zesty) and it gets a lot of love on the blog (here), plus its the one remover I get away with using in bed (late night polish removal)! It takes a little more work than a conventional or acetone based remover but you nails will thank you for it in the end. Available bottled or in handy wipe form (I have both in my kit) – the latter has just received the Silver Award at the Free From Skincare Awards 2017!

Aeos Crystal Nail File (£6.00)

If you haven’t come across Crystal nail files then you are definitely missing out. Made from a ground glass or crystal composite, they are reputed to be better for your (natural) nails than a conventional metal file or emery board and are thought to help reduce chipping and peeling. Aeos have a great range of coloured files and they can also be sanitised and sterilised, so are great for pro use!

Fresh Therapies Nourishing Nail Elixir (£11.95) (V)

I have raved about this nail elixir so many times (you can read my post here). A beautifully scented nail oil formulated to conditions and nourish the nails and cuticles. I keep a bottle of this by my bedside and another in my kit and so can assure you that it makes a big difference with prolonged use – I have psoriasis of the nails too and the signs have definately reduced since discovering this elixir.

Bentley Organic/ Skin Blossom Rose Geranium Hand Cream (£5.95) (V, O)

There are so many wonderful hand creams I could choose here and it’s been hard to narrow them down. I’ve gone with this one simply because I it’s the one I currently have in my kit and I am really enjoying using it and is proving to be a real hit with my clients (male and female alike). It is non greasy, smells divine and leaves hands beautifully soft and nourished.


Images: (1) via Good Housekeeping; (2) Pinks Boutique; (3) Fresh Therapies; (4) Aeos; (5) OMUA – LJS; (6) Bentley Organic

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