Love The Planet Washable Cleansing Pads

Lately I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of beauty waste I generate. Compared to most I don’t imagine the quantity of waste is particularly great; I don’t use facial wipes (unless very drunk) and many of the products I purchase are housed in recyclable/reusable containers. That said, I am striving to do more to offset my beauty footprint and have for the past few months been consistently using these colourful little dudes…

Love The Planet Washable Cleansing Pads (£7.79) are squidgy discs of terry towelling cotton (they remind me a little of the sorbet flying saucers if you remember them..?) and are the perfect eco-friendly alternative for cotton wool lovers.

I initially purchased the rainbow set for my kit a few years back but as time has gone on they have been transferred to my bathroom drawer and are now a permanent fixture (apart from the green one which has been appropriated by my daughter). I don’t actually think you can purchase the rainbow pads anymore – just the white version sadly.

Soft and absorbent, the pads can be used wet or dry and are perfect for removing cleaning oils, balms and face masks and can also be used for cleansing lotions or even just wiping over a little water. They are possibly slightly cumbersome for removing eye make-up but I use them for this anyway.

Once you’ve used them just pop them in the wash. Speaking of which, they come in a little mesh bag so they can be thrown in the machine together, rather than being lost in the bottom of a pillowcase…

Washable Cleaning Pads are great when you are traveling (this initially prompted the post) as they take up so much less room than flannels and they dry in a heartbeat!

What is your favoured aid in the removal of make-up?



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  • Mirjam

    I am also trying to reduce my beauty footprint. At first by using things up instead of buying new. I use a cellulose sponge for my face now (it can be washed), I can even use it for my eyes but usually I use an organic cotton pad of a tissue to do my eyes. I also want to try a cognac sponge. I also think about reducing packages. That’s why I use a soap bar for my hair now (from chagrin valley, there great) All this plastics you throw away otherwise….ReplyCancel

    • Organic Makeup Artist

      I thoroughly agree Mirjam. All great ideas and I always think every little bit helps.Will check out the Chagrin Valley soap – I love the idea of a cognac sponge too ;) xReplyCancel

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