From The Vault: Paperself False Eyelashes

This post for years past was a little bit of a cheat but I love these so much I wanted to share them with you – then and now. Not specifically natural or organic, but being made from paper, I guess they could be considered an Eco product…

Paperself False Eyelashes

I came across these lashes a few years ago at the International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) and it was love at first sight! These delicate lashes are intricately cut from paper and are available in two sizes; full, strip lashes and the slightly more understated, yet equally eye catching corner lashes.

The lashes are housed in a neat cardboard presentation box and, unlike most other lash brands come without adhesive – Paperself recommend the use of Duo (a favourite amongst Make-up Artists) to affix the lashes. Reusable, the lashes like most falsies can be cut to size to fit the eye; once you’ve had enough of them as they are simply cut them up and apply any part them to create your own unique lash designs.
For those of you who simply can’t wait to get their hands on a pair of these lovely lashes; Paperself have joined forces with Bourjois and have produced a stylish lacy, floral lash design for the high street – so you can pick up a pair in your lunch break!
* * *

My feelings towards these lashes haven’t changed and I still love the quirky designs. I still haven’t used them on a job however I have incorporated them into my own make-ups and designs.

Paperself lashes are priced at £12.50 for the full strips and £10.50 for the corner lashes, not cheap I admit but you can usually find them on offe is you have a scout around the Internet.

Available online from (amongst others) Paperself or in store at Boots or Superdrug (for the Bourjois Miss Couture lashes only).

Launched in 2009 by London based Designer Chunwei Liou, Paperself is a platform for the innovative exploration of paper for contempory design. Uniting artists, designers and manufacturers alike, Paperself offers a stylish alternative in homewear, furniture and accessories for Eco-conscious living.
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