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Eco Disposables

Maintaining good standards of hygiene is vital for any Make-up Artist and is something that I am very conscious of when doing make-ups. By using the applicators contained in lip gloss and mascara tubes on any number of times and on any number different people (an process commonly known amongst make-up professionals as double dipping), viruses and bacteria can be transferred from one person to another, however cross-infection and cross-contamination can easily be avoided by simply using disposable brushes.

Admittedly the use of disposable make-up brushes is, in itself is not a particularly ecologically sound act when we are trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce. It is however, a necessary evil of the make-up world and something that can save reputations and reduce the risk of cross-infection and thankfully there are now greener options when it comes to disposables. 

Eco Disposable Collection

I discovered Eco Disposables from The Pro Make-up Shop a couple of years ago, having been a user of regular disposable brushes for many years and was overjoyed when I discovered this ecologically preferable alternative. 

Eco disposable brushes are used in exactly the same way, and as equally well, as regular disposables. They are identical in size and overall appearance, with one difference; although the brush heads are made of similar materials to the regular disposables, it is the handles that make them Eco as they are made from bamboo, a sustainable product due to it’s rapidly renewable nature. 

Sadly there aren’t anywhere near the variety of products in the Eco collection as in the regular range, however the hygiene basics; lip brushes, standard mascara wands, lipgloss and foam eye shadow applicators are all available. I have been reliably informed however, that the Pro Make-up Shop are looking to expand the Eco collection later in the year, so fingers crossed. 

Currently the Eco disposables are available online from £1.80 for 25 disposables from The Pro Hygiene Collection

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