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Frustratingly I wrote this post a few weeks ago but then lost it in a moment of Blogger madness! So, here it is again, hopefully in a similar vein and with as much information as before – enjoy!

I came across Bdellium Tools reasonably recently and was overjoyed to discover that within their brush armoury was an eco-friendly range; the Green Bambu collection. I love anything that looks a little quirky or different and to be honest, the main reason I was originally drawn to these brushes was the amazing colour – THEY ARE GREEN! Literally and ecologically.

Foundation Brush

Although I haven’t tried the whole range – sadly I missed them at IMATS London (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) earlier this year so didn’t have the chance to play with the collection, however those that I have tried I have really liked – and not only because of the colour! 

The Bambu brushes I have in my kit are a mixture of face and detail brushes, each packed with bristles of varying lengths and densities, each with differing amounts of play. With this in mind, across the whole range, this variety in design makes them ideal for almost any make-up application.

The eco-friendly brush handles are made from bamboo which, as we know is a a low-impact and sustainable resource due to its rapid re-growth rate and the ferrule of anodised aluminium. The bi-coloured bristles are vegan-friendly and to further Bdellium’s green Bambu credentials, the bristles have not been treated with a chemical based anti-bacterial agent but rather rely on the natural anti-bacterial properties of the 100% synthetic fibres.

5-piece Mineral Brush Set

There are an amazing 42 brushes in the the Green Bambu range, comprising of 19 different face brushes and 23 for eyes and lips. In addition to this there are 4 brush sets; a 4-piece foundation set and the mineral and smokey eye sets, both containing 5 brushes. 

June 2012 heralded the release of a beautiful 15-piece set, complete with natural brush roll which, in my opinion, would fulfill most peoples make-up brush needs. This set is currently primarily available in the US, however I have so far found it in one UK store and availability will hopefully increase.

The collection is great value, priced between £6.50 and £14.95 for the individual brushes and £24.95 and £37.95 for the 5-piece brush sets. The 15-piece set is priced at £79.95 where available.

Please note: There are other, non-eco brushes on the Bdellium Tools website, however I am specifically writing about the Green BAMBU range – just to avoid confusion.

Bedellium Tools are designed by a group of brush experts in California, USA. There are four collections under the Bdellium umbrella; Maestro Series, the Studio and Travel Lines and the Yellow and Green Bambu ranges. All of the brushes handmade by skilled brush artisans at the Bdellium factory in China.

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