Behind The Brand: Kjaer Weis

One of my all time favourite organic brands is Kjaer Weis. Inspired by her childhood in the countryside Denmark, training in Paris and her experiences as a Make-up Artist, Kirsten Kjaer Weis set about creating a high end, natural make-up brand.
Launched in the spring of 2010, Kjaer Weis is a sucessful fusion of luxury and organics; marrying sustainability and clean formulations with aesthetics, resulting in a collection that truly wows.

Produced using raw materials, natural preservatives and naturally occurring pigments, the majority of the collection is certified organic by the CCPB (Italian organic certification authority), which stringently ensures that the products contain at least 95% organic ingredients. In the case of the few products that do not meet the organic certification requirements, natural certification has been awarded (min 70% organic ingredients).

The range was initally funded by Kjaer Weis herself and started small with just nine products; a lip tint, cream blush and eyeshadow, each in three shades. Today the collection consists of seven lip tints (with names such as Romance, Goddess and Sensuous Plum), six cream blushes (including Blossoming, Abundance and Lovely) and nine eyeshadows (Charmed, Cloud Nine and Wisdom are just a few). A mascara and, even more excitingly, cream foundations and powders are being launched later in 2013*.
A desire to create a range of cosmetics that would suit women everywhere meant that colour choices have been at the forefront of Kirsten’s design from the start and the range consists of neutral tones that flatter and enhance natural beauty. Like the raw materials and natural preservatives that go into the range, the pigments are extracted from minerals, plants and wild flowers, specifically chosen for their colour and scent.

From the word go, the Kjaer Weis range instantly made an impact; From the red lacquered, textured boxes to the heavy geometric castings on the Zamac (a metal alloy) swivel butterfly wing compacts, it‘s stylish, contempory, yet timeless packaging making it stand out visually from so many other natural and organic brands.
I am a big fan of beautiful packaging as you may remember and this certainly doesn’t disappoint and definitely cannot go unmentioned. Designed by Marc Atlan, creator of the iconic Comme de Garçon bottle (amongst others), the non-recycleable compacts are things of beauty and are re-fillable and the refills are housed in bio-degradable paper carton slips.
Winner of numerous design awards including; Wallpaper Best New Grooming Product 2011 and the Gold A’Design Award Winner 2010/11.
After a very brief stint in Space NK, Kjaer Weis is available in the UK from Naturissimo with prices ranging from £14.00 (Eyeshadow), £16.00 (Lip Tint) and £19.00 (Cream Blush) for the refills and £30.00, £32.00 and £38.00 respectively for the filled compacts.
*estimated date
Images courtesy of Kjaer Weis
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