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Having worked as a Make-up Artist in many areas of the industry for over 14 years, I love every aspect of my work and the products and tools that I use. I have always had a passion for organic products and believe in the health benefits of chemical-free beauty.
Working in the cosmetics trade is traditionally not the most ethical or green industry in which to work. From animal testing to questionable ingredients, it is a multi-billion pound industry and there are huge numbers of (mostly) unquestioning consumers.
Throughout my career I have always chosen my products with care – conscious of the quality, integrity and overall ‘feel’ of anything I use and ensured that the choices I made have been the most ethical possible. Increasingly concerned by the use of nano-particles and synthetic chemicals (amongst many other things!) in so many cosmetics, I began to look at ways of introducing organic products to my make-up kit. 
Until very recently, the range of alternatives available has been limited. However, gone are the days of bland, flat and unappealing pigments, dated packaging and poor quality product; there are now a fantastic array of organic cosmetics brands out there and some truly amazing products.
I have been very cautious when it come to integrating these products into my kit, taking my time to find suitable alternatives for commonplace make-up kit essentials. With the majority of my work today being in television and commercials (although I do frequently dip into other areas of the industry!), a huge consideration for me has been how these products stand up under the scrutiny of High Definition as well as how they look and feel. HD is a big player in the media and the products I use need to look good on camera as well as to the naked eye.
The aim of this blog is to give an impartial, open and honest opinion of organic make-up and hair products from a Make-up Artist’s perspective, writing only about organic products that I like, use and feel totally happy about including in my kit. 
I haven’t found a suitable alternative for everything in my kit as yet and my hunt goes on, so why not follow my adventures?…..
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  • Hello,
    What foundation would you suggest is the best when considering flash photography?ReplyCancel

    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. To be honest any product that doesn’t contain too much Titanium Dioxide or Mica. – these can both cause ‘flash back’. Sometimes an SPF can do the same too so its worth checking ingredients.
      Hope this helps
      Laura xReplyCancel

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