A little adventure…

Twelve years ago to the day I published my first ever blog post on Blogspot (you can read it here) and little did I know that I would be sitting here in my garden writing a post over a decade later; at the time I didn’t know I was (only just) pregnant. Now I have a small who’s off to secondary school next week!
Where has the time gone??

When I started writing this blog I set out to create natural and organic beauty resource specifically for Make-up Artists; offering an impartial, open and honest opinion of organic make-up and hair products from a Make-up Artist’s perspective; writing only about products that I liked, used and felt totally happy about including in my kit.

Having worked as a Make-up Artist across pretty much every part of the industry, I felt pretty well placed to share my natural beauty thoughts and findings as I gradually integrated these products into my kit. At that point I’d been in the industry for a mere fourteen years, now it’s over twenty five!!

Over the past twelve years the natural and organic beauty industry has evolved and grown dramatically. Gone are the days of bland, flat and unappealing pigments, dated packaging and poor longevity of wear; there are now a myriad of natural and organic cosmetics brands out there and some truly amazing products.

Not only have the products changed but so has the language. Words such as ‘green’, ‘clean’, ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ being used to describe products and ethoses and since there is no official or legal definition, brands have defined beauty according to their own agendas*.

For me, beauty has been about making the most ethical and environmentally friendly choices I can make. I choose products and brands that are sustainable and respectful, not only in the way they are sourcing their ingredients but also in their business and employment practices. I choose brands which respect the natural world and it’s biodiversity and are mindful of their environmental impact.

Buying makeup, hair and skincare can be a minefield at the best of times so when it comes to transitioning your existing products to greener/cleaner/more sustainable alternatives, I firmly believe it’s about personal preference and focusing on what really matters to you. I appreciate that can sometimes be challenging in itself (I published a post last year on ethical dilemmas which you can read here), so hopefully me and this (now not so little) blog can help you navigate and (most importantly) enjoy the journey.

In past two years I have been posting significantly less than I would’ve liked. Life simply got in the way and I had to focus my attentions elsewhere. It goes like that sometimes and you have to prioritise. Having completed an MA in Prosthetics and Sculpting (with Distinction I might add), some big budget films and drama work, the seemingly forever ongoing DIY house renovations (now just finished!) and not to mention all the personal stuff, I finally feel I have some time to get back to writing.

This little blog has evolved over the years and the audience is broader than I ever imagined. I’ve published over seven hundred posts!! These are a combination of product reviews, brand information, interviews, beauty industry based content and much more.

I haven’t found a suitable alternative for everything in my kit as yet and frankly I don’t think I will ever stop trying to improve on what I have, so the journey goes on and I have much more to to share.

Why not follow my ongoing adventures..?

Laura x

P.S. I will try and get better at posting stuff on Instagram – I’m sure you know by now I have a love/hate relationship with it and struggle to engage but I will try… for a bit anyway ;)


*Unfortunately ‘greenwashing’ is still rife and if anything has increased as brands look to grow their markets – but that’s a post for another day.


Images: LJS – OMUA

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