We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in the retrospect… (Anais Nin)

As a Make-up Artist in the process of converting my kit to one that was free from the harmful chemicals present in so many everyday cosmetic products, I wanted to share my journey of discovery. Ever on the lookout for new products that performed as well as (and in some cases better than) their conventional counterparts, three years ago I began to write a natural and organic make-up blog.

I didn’t set out with any journalistic tendencies, they have just grown upon me and the more I write, the more passionate I become. My writing has lead me along another path and shown me the other side of make-up and opened my eyes (perhaps more than they were) to some of the bigger issues. I now regularly contribute to online and print make-up and natural health journals and although I am passionate about natural and organic cosmetics, I write about beauty and make-up as a whole.

Whether you are looking for an in-depth feature, a step by step guide to applying a smokey eye or you want a professional opinion on a product then do get in touch.

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