I’ve been going through mascaras like bars of 85% chocolate of late. Having run out of the two I had on the go, I then promptly lost both the replacements in the space of a fortnight! I’m blaming the heat but in reality there is a house fairy somewhere in our midst with a severe […]

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  • Patricia

    Does this mascara smudge easily? Or flakes?

    • Organic Makeup Artist

      Hi Patricia
      I haven’t found it to flake and it seems to only smudge if they eyes are rubbed (or of course if I cry). I idon’thave particularly oily eyelids so once on it stays pretty well – on me at least :)
      Hope this helps

BB creams started life in 1960s Germany, formulated by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek. Originally designed with soothing and healing properties to protect patients skin following laser surgery, BB creams were introduced to Japan and Korea 1985, where they became highly prized (amongst actresses especially) for their skin perfecting effects.

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